Make Meetings Less Painful

Run better meetings with Echo Scribe
an Alexa Skill and voice transcription helper.



Record voices and display them as text. No more scrambled notes. And easy sharing with missing teammates.



See who's in a meeting. Get help adding and removing attendees with voice commands and Slack notifications.


Pro tips

Run meetings like a pro with helpful productivity tips. Friendly reminders to save your team's time.

Echo Scribe Commands

Alexa, ask Echo Scribe...

... to start recording the meeting

... to stop the meeting

... to good off the record
Alexa, ask Echo Scribe...

... to say who's in this meeting

... to invite Betsy

... to remove Henry

... to find a new meeting room
Alexa, ask Echo Scribe...

... for a pro tip

Meeting Helpers

Audio Bookmark

Bookmark important points in the conversation

Attendee List

See who's required in the meeting at a glance

Word Cloud

See a word cloud highlighting most used words

Invite Others

Add people to the meeting with a slack notification

Search Transcript

Quickly search words or terms

Email Transcript

Email the results to attendees or missing people

Audio Recording

Save an audio file of the meeting for later review

Progress Timing

Stay on topic with a subtle progress timer

Go Off Record

Temporarily suspend transcription and stop recording

Tech Supporting Echo Scribe

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
Amazon Alexa
Alexa Skill Kit
AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
Node JS
Webkit Speech
Webkit Speech API

Made by

During the 2016 Red Ventures Hackathon

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